Mechanical engineering translations German, Chinese, Spanish

Our technical translation agency has been providing professional translations for plant engineering and mechanical engineering and in other technical fields as well as software localization of machinery and equipment since 2001.

We translate from German and English into these languages

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Word price, from €

► Arabic   0.14
► Aserbaijani   0.15
► Chinese   0.13
► German   0.13
► Estonian   0.13
► Finnish   0.13
 French   0.11
► Greek   0,14
► Italian   0.11
► Japanese   0.15
► Kazakh    0.14
► Korean   0.17
► Croatian   0.11
► Latvian   0.12
► Lithuanian    0.12
► Polish   0.11
► Portuguese    0.12
► Romanian    0.11
► Russian   0.09
► Spanish   0.12
► Czech   0.11
► Turkisch   0.13
► Ukrainian   0.11
► Hungarian   0.12
















The complete list of all language pairs shows you even more language combinations.

Mechanical engineering translations from China to South America

We have been providing technical translations into languages such as French, English, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Ukrainian for two decades and hundreds of companies in Europe, Asia, the USA and South America have benefited from our experience. Our end customers are world-renowned companies from China, Russia, France, Spain, Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine as well as lesser-known medium-sized companies.

Machine tools, drive technology, materials handling technology, mining and building material machines, refrigeration and air technology from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are well known throughout the world and are popular because of their precision and reliability. Our translation agency does its part to ensure that the associated technical documentation is also of the same high standard in all languages of the world.

Translations according to DIN EN ISO standard 

All mechanical engineering translations in our translation agency are carried out according to DIN EN ISO standard 17100:2016-05 (registration number 7U433). Our translations, which are also read by our proofreaders, have the quality that our end customers need and appreciate. These ready-to-print texts can be easily put online or printed, we guarantee the quality.

Prices for mechanical engineering translations

We do not hide our prices, any interested party can see them. Thus, as a customer, you can quickly calculate the cost of your order independently without us. Nevertheless, we recommend that you send us your request with all the relevant documents for the most accurate cost. According to our estimation, the price of the translation is usually lower than you think. The reason: we analyze your documents with CAT tools to see if and how many repetitions the documents contain. These repetitions reduce the cost, sometimes very significantly.

Large projects and our capacities

Translators of all the language combinations we offer are able to handle large projects and, at the same time, complete many urgent translations with the usual perfect quality on the same day. For large and urgent projects, several translators and proofreaders work together on a common project at the same time. Of course, we translate not only technical documentation, but also all related legal documents such as sales contracts and supply agreements, as well as business correspondence, company presentations, advertising brochures, patents, etc.

Software localization for your machines and equipment

We translate or localize for our customers

- Every industrial software, i.e. programs for controlling machines and equipment
- Computer software, e.g. games or other applications
- iOS apps for Apple users
- Android apps for Android users
- Websites
- Online Shops

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